I think we really need to step back and appreciate how truly nice these stats are.

The Chiefs were lined up on defense like they were going to have a four man pass rush, but after the play started the outside linebacker to Jones’ side, Justin Houston, dropped out to make it a three-man rush. Normally that would have meant any inside move by Jones would risk losing contain to Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who is a pretty mobile guy, but Jones beat Seumalo so cleanly that Eagles center Jason Kelce did not have a chance in hell of helping out, and Wentz was down on the ground before he could even think about trying to break containment. Jones was also able to get the ball out of Wentz’s hand for a fumble on that sack, but Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson ultimately recovered it.

Philly had a first-and-10 at its own 47-yard line. After showing off his wiggle on his first sack, Jones came back with a power rush on Brooks. He bulldozed Brooks right back into Wentz so violently that Wentz again lost the football. That time Wentz was able to recover the fumble himself, but he still ended up being tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

They won’t last; barring something catastrophic, Gronk will eventually catch another touchdown, and then he’ll just be at boring old 70.

The world is cold, cruel, and soul-crushing, so it’s important to appreciate the small things that bring us joy. Gronk’s time at 69 touchdowns is one of those special events. Someday, years in the future, we’ll look back on the week or weeks that we are currently experiencing, here, together, with Gronk, and sigh, saying to each other, Remember the 69th Festival of Gronkulus? What a blessed, nice time that was.
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Limited Mens Branden Albert Jersey So here’s to you, Gronk, oh large adult football son of the sea. I raise my glass filled with vodka and water in salute of your very nice achievements.

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