Barkley’s 92-yard touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl was another example of his awe-inspiring speed at his size.

And those numbers were with the Eagles holding onto a 24-7 lead: Doug Pederson deserves a ton of credit for putting his foot on the gas and snuffing out any hope of the Vikings coming back, and Foles deserves an equal amount of credit for executing. Philly is built on the offensive and defensive lines; Howie Roseman’s vision for this club resulted in enough depth that the Eagles could sustain a loss of their MVP quarterback (Wentz), top-tier tackle (Jason Peters) and emerging young middle linebacker (Jordan Hicks) and still secure homefield advantage and storm into the Super Bowl.

Fitzpatrick might not be the most refined cornerback to enter the NFL over the past five years, but he’s among the most athletically gifted. He’s as reliable as they come against the run too, which is an often-overlooked aspect of playing cornerback in the NFL. He made his presence felt in every area in an impressive Sugar Bowl outing against Clemson’s multifaceted attack.

He had issues against Washington’s brick wall of a defensive line beyond that, but it’s those type of home runs that separate Barkley from other recent running back prospects. Even on a day when running lanes are hard to come by, he can score from anywhere on the field.

McKinley’s passion was evident during his emotional, profanity-laced on-camera interview with the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders following his selection, as he held a picture of his late grandmother. McKinley immediately apologized for his language and said the league can fine him later. It was a sincere and moving moment, albeit possibly with a PG rating for its expletives. If McKinley brings the same intensity to his pass-rushing efforts, the Falcons’ trade up to get him will be justified.

Buffalo picked up a third-round selection in this draft and a first-rounder next year from the Chiefs to move down, and still ended up with a solid cornerback prospect in White.

akland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is set to start after missing one game with three broken transverse processes (the bony protrusion on vertebrae).

The Rodgers injury wasn’t the only one, with the Packers taking blow after blow. Quinten Rollins, Lane Taylor, Ty Montgomery, Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari all banged up.chargers_043

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