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Cardinals GM John Mozeliak speaks sternly, promises big changes if team doesn’t improve

For about an hour Friday afternoon, Cardinals fans across the country were waiting, with bated breath, for the start of a surprise press conference — announced around 1 p.m. CT and scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. — called by the club.

So when Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak walked up to the podium in Busch Stadium’s media room a couple of minutes after 2, his first words seemed almost like an unintentional tease.

“Everybody ready ” he said.

He was, of course, talking to the assembled media, as a courtesy to make sure cameras were rolling and recorders were turned on.

Authentic Youth Jake Allen Jersey But you could almost hear Cardinals fans screaming “YES! NO! YES! NO! I DON’T KNOW!” from every corner of radio station KMOX’s legendary broadcast range.

Second, I think Cowher’s comments Sunday take him, finally, out of the running for potential NFL head coaching jobs.

Until Jon Gruden of ESPN’s Monday Night Football became the retired coach that everybody wanted to hire, 59-year old Cowher was that guy. Instead, Cowher spoke movingly Sunday about the physical and emotional toll suffered by NFL head coaches.

Authentic Youth Anthony Steen Jersey Sure, you get the glory, the millions, the power. But four NFL coaches were hospitalized this season alone: Todd Bowles of the Jets; Gary Kubiak of the Broncos; Mike Zimmer of the Vikings; and Bruce Ariens of the Cardinals. Kubiak is probably done with coaching after winning the Super Bowl last year. Ariens suffered chest pains. There’s rumors he’s ready to pack it in too.

Masahiro Tanaka shouldn’t get translator on mound visits, Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy says

So, to sum up Tuesday in MLB: If you can’t speak English, then apparently old-school baseball has a problem with you.

That was one conclusion after, first Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt questioned whether the Phillies could build around Odubel Herrera because of a language barrier, and then later Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy said that Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka shouldn’t be allowed a translator during mound visits.

Schmidt apologized. Remy — given the opportunity to walk back his comment by play-by-play man Dave O’Brien — said Tanaka should learn baseball language.

Authentic Youth Jermon Bushrod Jersey Here’s the fourth-inning exchange on NESN after Remy, a former big-leaguer, mistook Tanaka’s translator for a trainer when he joined a meeting on the mound:
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The information available now about the danger of concussions affirmed their decision. When Scott played, they called concussions stingers, and Scott had plenty of them. He told Nicole that they’d just give him oxygen and shots of I don’t know what and put him back on the field. He wasn’t going to let his son deal with that, having to prove his toughness by playing football.

That’s not a decision Jordon ever questioned or regretted.

He just knew that you’re always on the verge of getting injured. You’re always a couple plays away from something twisting the wrong way, and now it’s the concussion thing, where guys were getting beaten up so bad they can’t even think straight, Jordon says. His whole thing was, ‘I don’t want you to experience that.’ Even today, my dad’s fine now but he can still feel the bumps and bruises from back in 1987 when he played. His whole thing was longevity. If you can find something that you love to do and you don’t have to bang helmets all day or worry about somebody trying to rip your face off, then you need to run with it. And I have.