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Brown has always carried a reputation as a good coach who just has not had much to work with

With athletic big men like Whiteside and Willie Reed rolling hard to the basket and three shooters on the perimeter, teams have had a tough time slowing Waiters down when he gets a full head of steam attacking downhill. He’s not an elite finisher at the basket, but he still converts around half of his looks from there. He’s also a threat to pull-up from midrange having made 46.2 percent of such attempts since Jan. 17.

Waiters still relies on isolations to score a lot of his points — 21.7 percent of his offense in total — but he’s been a more efficient scorer in isolation than he has out of the pick-and-roll with 1.01 points per possession in the second half of the season. Even though he doesn’t set up players as much in isolation as he does in the pick-and-roll, his ability to create for himself has been a welcome addition to a team lacking playmakers. For example, Waiters created the game-winning 3-pointer out of isolation against the Warriors in January.
Limited Mens De’Vondre Campbell Jersey
Authentic Youth Drew Brees Jersey Brown has always carried a reputation as a good coach who just has not had much to work with, dealing with an asymmetric roster and a mostly injured crew of potential young stars. That is slated to change this year, with the addition of No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz and veteran free agents J.J. Redick and Amir Johnson.

A summer after watching star Kevin Durant bolt for Golden State, Presti could have stood pat and simply hoped MVP point guard Russell Westbrook signed a new contract ahead of free agency next summer. Instead, Presti was aggressive, pulling together the deal that brought Paul George to the Thunder. It is a risky move because it’s possible, or even likely, that George will bolt in free agency next summer, and Westbrook might still leave, too. But it is a gutsy move with a high payoff.