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Prescott doesn’t think the Cowboys’ lack of production is necessarily because Elliott isn’t playing.

He doesn’t blame the coaches, either. He thinks the players on the field should be getting it done.

“I look in the mirror and I look at the other guys on the plays. I mean, simply explosion plays, I don’t know if you can point at a coach,” Prescott said. “It’s just us making guys miss and wanting to go get those extra yards. That to me is simply about the athleticism of our playmakers and being able to go make guys miss.”

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The NFL can be an emotional roller coaster, and one big week can shoot a team’s spirits through the roof and tank another’s hopes of finishing with the Lombardi Trophy in February or beyond. Teams near the top are feeling great after Sunday, while those at the bottom aren’t feeling too optimistic.

If you’re looking for a ranking of who would beat who, this isn’t always going to be the best gauge:

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